On this fresh start to the New Year I feel more myself than ever before, as 2013 was filled with every kind of awe.

new moon

Taking chances

To let go of and sell the home we had bought being sure IVF would work for us.

To conceive the vision of our dream home in a house previously owned by a hoarder.

To fight for and build Mason House, our home for our destined family.

To invest in myself and attend Emerging Women Live.

To write my heart in the book and blog, Ever Upward.


With myself through practicing self-care.

With Chad through our survival of IVF, redefining our family and reigniting us.

With family through the acceptance of our losses.

With old friends through Facebook and working on Mason House.

With true friends through love, support and work.


By accepting what is.

By speaking my truth.

By feeling the lifelong losses.

By making room for the light.

By practicing happy.

By trusting.

By embracing.

By braving.

By choosing.

By owning.

By being my own Ever Upward.



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