faith“Hold it all together
Everybody needs you strong
But life hits you out of nowhere
And barely leaves you holding on

…You’re not alone, stop holding on and just be held
Your worlds not falling apart, its falling into place…”

These are the lyrics to the song a friend posted on Facebook the week I really needed it, Just Be Held by Casting Crowns. Sure, it is a Christian band and song, but I dare you to listen to some of the lyrics and see if they can apply to your life, even if Christianity isn’t your path.

Mostly, because in the really hard times, I think, we have to believe in something; having faith in something, I think, is a requirement of surviving this life, let alone thriving through recovery.

As, I work with my clients, I don’t really care what you have faith in; God, Mother Nature, Karma, Life, Family, Relationships, Coffee or that Pencil sitting on your desk. Life is too hard to not have faith in something outside of ourselves. To believe in something or someone bigger than you, to know we are always understood and never alone.

I have spent most of my adult life struggling with religion while maintaining a decent amount of my own faith. Because frankly, there is nothing like being a mental health therapist who has struggled with infertility to make one doubt faith, a higher power, and especially, organized religion at times.

However, within this doubt I never stopped searching. It has been through my recovery and what has felt like the never ending search that I feel like I have finally found my home in faith and in religion.

I will not use Ever Upward to preach. I will not even use Ever Upward to let you into my faith life, as this is something that I’d like to cultivate and figure out myself and with my family for now.

However, I cannot not write about faith when I share about my recovery. I guess, I just wish for all of us fighting the fight of recovery to seek something in the faith department. Seek something outside of yourself. Seek something bigger than you.

Because within that search you may just finally find yourself again. You may just find your own ever upward.


**I’m fully aware this post could evoke some strong reactions, however I am not looking to engage in a theological debate here. Rather, I’d like to spark the search for something bigger in all of our recoveries. So, rather than preach, what is it you have faith in? Let’s educate one another and therefore find compassion in our recoveries.**

37 thoughts on “Faith in Something

  1. Marie says:

    My struggles with infertility and particularly miscarriage has shaken my faith over the years. When I lost my last pregnancy the week after my Mom’s funeral, my shaky hold on faith vanished completely. But we do need to have a faith in something – otherwise this path is such a lonely and meaningless one. I respect that you raise this question without providing any of the more dogmatic answers I have seen on some blogs. I envy those bloggers their faith, but it is not so simple for many of us, who are struggling to find their own way of finding faith in the world again.


    1. jlbf4 says:

      Thank you Marie! You’re right, we must find out own path and, I do think it’s necessary for us for find something for our meaning. Thank you so much, glad you liked this!


  2. Mali says:

    I feel the opposite. I’ve come through this without looking outside for faith, but for developing an understanding and compassion of myself and those around me. And I’m a much happier, more content, and I think nicer (or at least, much wiser) person as a result.
    Or perhaps the faith I have found most comfort in is knowing that life is random?


    1. Interesting, thank you. For me, I guess finding my faith or really figuring out and wrestling with my faith is where I’m finding it. And I suppose you’re right, you have found some sense of faith in the randomness, maybe?


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