Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers to be. Happy Mother’s Day to those who have lost mothers. Happy Mother’s Day to those who hope to be mothers. Happy Mother’s Day to those of us who are mothers of angels. Happy Mother’s Day to those of who who never get to mother in the traditional sense of the word.

Actually, I challenge… Happy Mother’s Day to all women!

Because if I have learned anything throughout my own recovery I have learned that we are all mothers of some kind especially considering we tend to be full of compassion and putting others above ourselves almost always.

However, this Mother’s Day, I will not be woken up at the crack of dawn by my little ones surprising me with handmade cards and pancakes in bed. I will not get a bouquet of dandelions picked from the yard. I will not be acknowledged by the majority of people in my life as today being any different than any other day.

But, I will be woken early by Gertie’s growling tummy, Gracie’s cold nose and Bosco’s gentle snoring. I will spend the day with my furry children and my husband, not unlike any other regular Sunday but all the while knowing that Mother’s Day will be bittersweet for me the rest of my life.

I will spend the day allowing myself to feel the anger at how unfair it can feel that I won’t ever get the joy of my children making this day all about me. I will spend my day allowing myself to feel the sadness at the lifelong costs and losses of infertility. I will spend the day at peace with my recovery and my work in accepting a childfree life. I will spend the day happy with my enough moments, my struggles and my light.

DSC_0691I will spend the day thinking of those three tiny souls in heaven  never meant to bloom here.

And, I will honor myself this day because I am a mother to many.

I will remind myself, as I want to remind all the mothers out there, to take care of ourselves, especially on this day. Make sure you receive care, from your loved ones and from yourself, because it is only through filling ourselves up that we can truly give and care for others.

So, on this angering, saddening, peaceful and happy day for me, I wish us all an ever upward Happy Mother’s Day because I have no doubt we all mother something or someone in our lives.

18 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day to All the Mothers of Many

  1. junebugmo1949 says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Justine! I send my peace and love.


    1. Happy Mother’s Day to you Patrice! Thinking of you today and sending light, love, and prayers! J


  2. Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your furballs and be good to yourself!


    1. Same to you! Sending you love and light today! J


  3. Karen Lanser says:

    So heart- achingly touching Justine. I am holding you in my heart today … and … want to share that your thoughtful insights remind me that one of the people that most needs my mothering, nurturing and tender loving care is my own inner child. She has been dreadfully neglected and abandoned far too often in terms of being mothered. I, too, hope your own precious little inner Justine gets lots of love today … and … every other day too! Karen


    1. Karen, Thank you for this reminder you are so right! Your words always make me reconsider mine, thank you for that!


  4. Wishing you a wonderful day!!


  5. Jenn says:

    Thinking of you! xoxo


    1. Me too Jenn! Much love ❤


  6. Beautiful post! I can definitely relate and sometimes wonder if I will ever get to experience the day with children of my own. This holiday gets harder every year.


    1. Thank you and I know exactly how you feel! Sending you peace and light!


  7. Great post… I too am looking at living a child free life… if you ever want to blog more on this and how you came or are coming to live this way… I’m listening.


    1. Thank you so much for the read and comment! Ever Upward is mostly about my journey of recovery after infertility and accepting a childfree life, as is my forthcoming book by the same title. Thank you for reading!!! Justine


  8. mombie says:

    Gorgeous piece. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thank you so much for the read and comment!


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