Had our IVF worked with our surrogate Michelle, I would have gotten to be in the delivery room to see our babies be born. But that was never my path to experience. I sincerely thought the only births I would ever see would be the ones in that terrible 5th grade sex education class we all had to take and the sensationalized ones shown on television and in the movies.

So, when my oldest friend, my true witness of 30 years, asked me to be one of her delivery coaches when she delivered her first baby I cried with tears of honor and joy.

My friend who has seen me through my darkest of times and literally helped me through life in a body cast when we were much to young to handle such difficulties.

My friend who also knows the pain and losses of infertility.

My chosen family who I love so dearly.

Last week my friend gave birth to her daughter and I had the honor in helping her through her difficult delivery and being a witness as their family grew by one beautiful baby girl.

It is with much excitement and love that I (and her parents of course) welcome Abigail to the world! And with a full heart, I write her these words to hopefully last her a lifetime.

Dear Abigail,

Your mom and I have been through 30 years of friendship. We have been through things that really no two friends should ever have to see within a friendship. Your mom helped me through some of the hardest times of my life. I am sure we will one day share with you the stories of how she used to care for me as my nurse as I suffered through two back surgeries and lived in a body cast. She loves telling the stories of her helping me go to the bathroom, as I will admit they are pretty hysterical.

And on the day you blessed us all by coming into this world, I helped your mom through your very difficult and scary delivery. So, I now have my own stories to tell of things I simply can never unsee.

And yet, it was one of the most magical days of my life, as I know it was for your mom and dad.

Abbie, your mom and dad fought so hard to bring you here. Through three years they fought through frustrations, waiting games, anxieties, medical procedures, terrible side effects, misunderstanding from loved ones and the public and, especially, their fears; all to find you.

Your mom and dad continued this amazing fight through their difficult pregnancy and on the day of your mom’s labor and delivery, their fight only continued.

Scared of my own limitations, fears and queasiness I pushed through to allow my anxiousness to become excitement and I fought alongside your mom and dad. I fought for them and I fought for you.

I was so proud and honored to be there supporting, helping and distracting them throughout your mom’s labor.

But mostly, I was so proud and honored to simply witness them in their fight. Your mom’s diligence in containing her anxiety and fears for your safety. Your dad’s advocacy for you and your mom’s care and safety. And, especially their ownership in how you came to be whenever any doctor or nurse asked about you.

Simply, profoundly and wholeheartedly, I am just so proud of them.

DSC_0806We all worked together as a team to bring you into this world, your mom definitely doing the hardest work of all. And at 4:40 pm you finally graced your mom and dad with the joy they’ve been fighting and hoping for for three long years; your peaceful and perfect face, your dark hair and your healthy cry brought tears of joy to all of us.

Throughout your mom’s labor, of almost two full days, your mom and dad lied to me about your name, even though I asked them a million times (as you will get to know I never give up easily). Finally, the morning after your birth, when your mom was feeling better, they gave me the best surprise of my life, your name. I was truly surprised and completely honored to learn your name was Abigail Justine.

It is with a heart full of love and honor that these are my promises to you, Abigail Justine, my namesake:

I promise to always do my very best to be that person your parents believed in and loved enough to name you after.

I promise to always be here for your mom and dad, for whatever they may need.

I promise to always be here for you, no matter what.

I promise to always be your soft landing spot but to also always guide and push you when needed.

I promise to love all of you, always accepting you and honoring you; with me you will always be seen, known and loved.

Because being there with your parents throughout their journey to conceive you and being able to be present for your entrance into this world is my ultimate enough moment.

Because you, Abigail Justine, are my ultimate ever upward.

With much love,

Your Aunt Justine


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36 thoughts on “Not Just Another Birth Story: A Letter to Abigail

  1. Jenn says:

    you are so beautiful. ((hugs))


    1. Thank you Jenn! Much love back!


  2. junebugmo1949 says:

    What a day! What an honor! Congrats!


    1. It was truly an amazing day! Thank you!


  3. WOW, what an honor and a beautiful letter. Congratulations!!!


    1. Thank you so much!


  4. Absolutely beautiful!!


  5. That is absolutely, beautifully perfect. Congratulations all around!


    1. Thank you so much everyone! And yet, I feel like this doesn’t give the experience and my feelings quite enough justice still… Thank you! Justine


  6. Thanks for linking up to my link-up, Justine. What a tremendous honor and such a special day for you!


    1. Lisa, thank you! Thank you also for providing the link up opportunity!


  7. What a beautiful little one! Congrats!!


  8. Gorgeous! A very special letter for a beautiful little girl x


    1. Thank you so much!


  9. This is so beautiful! I’m sure little Abigail will cherish this letter very much 🙂


    1. Jessica, Thank you so much! Justine


  10. Simply Mella says:

    Oh wow, so beautiful! Goosebumps. 🙂


    1. Thank you, and yet I didn’t feel like this conveyed my sentiments strong enough but I do know it is a pretty amazing story! Thanks for the read and comment! Justine


  11. What a beautiful friendship you share Justine. One of the hardest things about the journey with infertility is often feeling so alone and isolated. Sharing such a special bond as this makes the pain a little more bearable.


    1. Marie, Thank you and you are so right! Thank you as always for linking it to your Round-Up! Much love, Justine


  12. Janelle says:

    Beautiful words. While I can not imagine the struggles of infertility, I can relate to being a “chosen child.” My mother’s best friend struggled through infertility and my brother and I in essence became her “chosen children.” I could not imagine my life without her, “my other mother.” My children look to her as a grandmother also. Your chosen childrens’ lives will be so blessed by the addition of you guys. On another note. my middle name is after my “other mother.”


    1. Janelle,

      Thank you so much for reading and for this amazing message! I can only hope and work for my relationship to be just as important and powerful to my chosen children. Thank you! Justine


  13. Megan says:

    I am just getting around to reading this… This is a precious story – thanks for sharing! Megan


    1. Megan,
      Thank you so much for the read and kind words! Justine


  14. Caroline says:

    Beautiful baby!!!


    1. Caroline, Thank you for the read! Justine


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