7 thoughts on “30 Day Toolkit to Living Ever Upward™

  1. Lynne says:

    Thank you Justine . I’m finally
    Getting my life back together
    With your help with the 30 day Toolkit to living.I will pray for You and your family.
    Great success on your new
    Book when it comes out 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Lynne for reaching out! I am so happy my self-care toolkit is helpful!!!


  2. Jackie says:

    I’m disappointed in the devotional in the Bible app.
    Day 4 speaks of meditation, which yes, we can do so in God’s word. However you say to clear our minds. Eastern religion focuses on clearing the mind. Jesus wants us to renew our minds daily by reading His word.
    You also suggest Oprah and Depak Chopra as a place to start in meditating. What!? They are not even followers of Jesus. Oh and my favourite, stare at a candle flame. Uh no, I will read God’s word, keep my mind on His word. I couldn’t find a way to delete this devotional from Bible app and surprised they even allowed it, with its eastern influence. Otherwise, I would have just done that and not posted anything here. My prayer is that Jesus, thru the Holy Spirit, will open the eyes of your understanding in this and move away from these mystical ways and people, and really move towards Him.


    1. Jackie, I appreciate your feedback. These are all merely suggestions as places that are easy to start when it comes to meditation. I am a seeker of resources to help people make changes in their life. Of course, in, through, and because of Christ I renew my mind. However, I have found having many tools in the toolbox help me to take better care of myself; scripture very much included.


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