For years I have talked with clients about choosing to not live their lives from a place of fear.

Fear is often something we suffer through, push down, numb out and allow to hold us back and dim our light.

Consciously living my life, practicing my recovery, I choose every day to live my life from a place of love and not fear. Some days this work is easy, some days it feel nearly impossible.

Through this work I have also discovered that this has everything to do with how I connect with the people in my life and the world.

The difference between responding and reacting

When we react we come from a place of fear.

When we respond we come from a place of love.

My work in ever upward includes making sure I live everything and every day from the place of love. It is making sure I respond and not react.


Before the work of my recovery, before surviving IVF, I reacted to my life.

And, I reacted a lot.

I used to be called angry. To which I angrily replied that I was just passionate. But, now as I live the work and practice of recovery, I now have the language.

I was living my life from the place of fear.

The place of never being good enough.

The place of always comparing myself to others.

The place of I’m too much, you don’t love it and I don’t love it, and therefore I am scared of it.


After the work, especially in the last year of my recovery, which includes The Daring Way™ work, I have learned that this reacting doesn’t truly honor who I am or who I want to be.

I am passionate. I am determined. I am ever upward.

And, this means actively choosing to live from a place of love. It means actively choosing to respond.

When I respond to my life, rather than react…

I will always be enough.

I won’t need to compare because I am incomparable.

And, my too much is exactly just right.

An intention of wholeheartedness

Responding not ReactingSome may think reacting and responding look the same to the outside person. However, I think if we really make this choice to live from a place of love and to respond to our lives rather than to live from a place of fear and to react to our lives what we put into the world will be a much more accurate picture of who we are and who we want to be. In the least, I know my intention between the two feels completely different to me. Living my life from a place of love means I move through the fear and I don’t live from it. It means I am living with the intention of wholeheartedness and moving ever upward.

And, I promise, no I guarantee, only amazing things can be born of that.



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9 thoughts on “Are You Reacting Rather Than Responding to Your Life?

  1. It’s something I stuggle with because of the stage four cancer stuff. I want to plan big, but fear is inhibiting. However, I am doing what I can to plan and think ahead – then whatever comes will be handled then (and not now in my mind, over and over again). But it is a challenge. ~Catherine


    1. Love how you put this. I am sure cancer changes the name of the game for the fear part of life. Much love my friend and thank you for reading and commenting!!! Justine


  2. So timely for me today as I reacted quite badly to the news that a close family member is pregnant. I feel guilty and ashamed at my private reaction, even while I congratulated the person on her news. I guess I still have a long way to go.


    1. I’m not sure this one is ever mastered or one that I don’t have to actively work on, some weeks daily. I am thinking of you friend and sending my love! Justine


  3. Iris Madelyn says:

    Justine, thank you for such a beautiful post. It’s true, when we choose love over fear “what we put into the world will be a much more accurate picture of who we are”. Thank you for reminding us if this. Peace, ~Iris


    1. Iris, Thank you so much for reading and for this very thoughtful comment! I’m trying over here and I’m definitely a messy work in progress most days. But, this is the work of moving ever upward. Thanks again! Justine

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Jane says:

    I just received another family pregnancy announcement this week plus 2 others. It is difficult when faced with a lot of emotion to step back & choose to respond rather than react. I will keep trying.


    1. Jane, That sounds like the toughest week. I’m sorry, I now how hard this is. Sometimes this week’s it may be okay to give yourself permission to struggle to come from that place of love. Sometimes it just isn’t fair. Thinking of you and thanking you for reading and commenting! Justine


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