I am doer.

A determined, impatient, fast, get it done and get it done right and get it done quickly doer.

It is in my genes, it has been my who I am and it is piece of me I will forever work on managing so it doesn’t kill me.

It is how I have survived two back surgeries and a year in a body cast. It has been how have built a successful private practice. It has been how I have changed my lifestyle. And, it has been how I finished writing and publishing a book in a little over a year.

And, here I am feeling the pull of letting it be to get the hell out of the way while also feeling the push of the work to make sure Ever Upward succeeds.

This balance feels like torture at times. When we have a goal, we do the steps necessary to make sure that goal comes into being.

We get it done.

We work our asses off.

We do.

But, maybe there is a point that we have done just about as much as we possibly can and we need to consider letting it be. Put our hands up, take a few steps back from our work, look up, close our eyes and take that deep knowing breath.

The breath of accomplishment; I did that.

The breath of clarity; it is my best.

The breath of fear; what if it isn’t enough?

The breath of hope; getting out of the way in order for it to grow.

To let it be.

Because, I have done. I have tried, pushed, begged and worked my bravery more than I ever thought possible. I have sent my work to endless publications. I have sent it to as many people as possible; those who have inspired me, challenged me and who are more successful than me. I have submitted hundreds of times. I have put my book into many hands. All to ask for reviews, for feedback, for help, for anything.

I have done a lot. Exactly as we all do when we really want, really need, something to happen.

But, it also feels terrible (and more and more counter intuitive) to feel like it is never enough

After seeing Gabrielle Bernstein at Emerging Women, I am feeling the pull towards taking that step back from my work and trusting that it is enough. *

Because what if I am standing in the way of the magic taking off?

Can I put more joy into this process because I know Ever Upward will take off?

How can I trust that the very thing that is making this slow to grow is the very thing that will change many lives?

Let It BeI must let it be.

I must continue my work in recovery; the writing, the self-care, the relationships, etc. And, most likely be extremely diligent in it because this whole letting it be thing does not come naturally at all to who I am. But, I also know that I want to be the person who trusts God, trusts the universe and trusts the light inside of me.

So I am going to trust. I am going to let go. I am going to let  it be.

And, I will tell that part of my brain that wants to do some more, that she has done enough.

It is enough.

She is enough.


*Note: This could also be because I have been meditating for about 20 minutes every day since seeing Gabby speak. I can literally feel the change happening inside of me.

*Opening up this space, even just in writing this post, I have already felt the space for myself and the space to create light up right in front of me. Much, much more to come there…

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16 thoughts on “What Would It Be Like to Stop Doing and Let It Be?

  1. Elisha says:

    Such a great post for me…I too am a doer and I just need to let it be sometimes too. xo


    1. It is so hard to let it be but I am definitely feeling the benefits of even just the tiniest shift for me! Much love friend!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really struggle with this Justine. Your reminder to just be is not easy, but came, as your posts so often do, at a perfect time for me. Thanks for all the wonderful work you are doing in the world . You are truly making a difference in so many lives.


    1. Marie, Thank you so much for these words, they are so nice to hear sometimes especially when coupled with my attempt to let this all be right now in order for it to grow and reach. So counter intuitive to everything of me, but it is getting just a tiny bit easier. Much love friend, thank you so much! Justine


  3. candidkay says:

    Oh yes. The struggle between having faith that the universe has it all in hand versus it gave you two hands so you could go to work. I struggle with the same thing. I celebrate for far too short a time and am on to the next thing. Breathe. Glass of champagne. Toast yourself:).

    Liked by 1 person

  4. rikkileetie says:

    Justine! I just came across and read your article on The Huffington Post!!! That is so exciting and I love it. I was about to make a blog post out of it and was looking for the author to credit it, and it was you! Congratulations. Also, I finished your book on my Tennessee trip and I love it. I have so much to say, and not enough time. I love the chapter on reigniting the spark. I love the ideas of different dates each month- I am going to do it. I am so impressed and in ah of the home you bought and renovated. I would love to see after pictures! I love all your tips on how to feel better. I am implementing some of them into my daily routine. Thank you so much for writing this book 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh! Thank you, thank you! HuffPost is running so many posts, I am still in disbelief. Now if they would just share them on their FB wall ;). I am so happy to hear you liked the book and found it helpful. If you have time, if you could do an Amazon review that would mean so much and help a ton. You just have to do it under the Kindle version. Loved reading about your TN trip! Thank you again; for your friendship and your support! It means really so much to me! Justine


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