My latest original piece for HuffPost Parents:

What If We Considered It a Gift?

What if we were to consider it a gift?

All of it.

All of our struggles.

Even the struggles of infertility.

My courage barely outweighs my fear in proposing this idea. Battles in the recovery world and in the infertility world are easily ignited. And I could easily keep my mouth shut but that would also mean that I not live my authentic truth; but I must shine my light and my love into the world. And, so I will feel the fear, move through it and practice courage.

My continued work in ever upward, my continued work in advocating in the world of infertility and my continued work with clients struggling through the infertility battle has really only solidified this idea for me.

This gut wrenching, soul crushing… Read more here.

5 thoughts on “What If We Considered It a Gift?

  1. valleyally says:

    I had an epiphany before Christmas… I truly believe it is a gift. A gift of understanding something so deep so that so few even get a glimpse of or could imagine. It’s a gift that has to be turned into purpose! Understanding this has helped me heal and find more courage.


    1. Lesley Pyne says:

      I agree with you Justine, I’m in a place now where I can truly say that what I went through was a gift because without it I wouldn’t be living the life I have now. Nor, more importantly would I be the person I am now. The gift was being able to discover who I am because until I did that I was living another, different life & I wasn’t authentically me.
      I agree with Ally too, understanding this has helped me too to find courage & faith. And it’s also opening up many new opportunities that I would never have believed were possible at the start.

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      1. Thank you Lesley for this great comment! Justine


    2. I love this! A gift turned into purpose! Beautiful! Thank you for reading and commenting!!! Justine

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