This is so beautiful. Our souls forever changed.
“The only thing I can think of more painful than losing 4 babies, is if they had never existed all.”

A Calm Persistence

Recurrent pregnancy loss is so complicated.

Would it be easier if I’d never been pregnant?
If I hadn’t been pregnant multiple times?
If I hadn’t found out that my fourth baby was a boy?
Or if I could somehow forget all those important dates? The due dates? The first day we heard a heartbeat?
If I could forget those two pink lines? My husband’s reaction?
Would it be easier if there were never any triggers?

Would it be easier if I could just forget everything? 

There is only one thing that could make this easier- if my babies had survived, but unfortunately that wasn’t an option for me. Something I fight to cope with everyday.

Maybe it would be easier if none of them had existed? If I forgot everything that ever was? If one day I just woke up and everything was back to normal again- with no pain, no…

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2 thoughts on “Would it be easier?

  1. 💜 Thank you for reblogging this. It was certainly a post that was so close to my heart.

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    1. It was too close to mine too not too. Thank you for writing it! J


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