An original piece for HuffPost Parents was published yesterday. I was thankful to wake up this morning to see that they had shared it on their Facebook wall which is the only way it gets a lot of exposure.

For me, it may be one of the most important pieces and messages of Ever Upward so I wanted to make sure to share it here too. I hope you enjoy and please as always share!


The silence that surrounds infertility, pregnancy and infant loss is a double-edged sword.

One side is sharpened by our society and culture; the side that keeps us silent due to mis-education, misunderstanding, blame and sympathy.

The other side is sharpened by our own grief and shame; the side that keeps us silent due to our broken hearts and our mistaken sense of being utterly alone in it.

I’ve been told I talk too much. My story has not only been shut down but even completely denied by even some of my closest loved ones. My infertility losses and my childfull motherhood are hardly ever publicly acknowledged. My bright shining light of Ever Upward scares many.

And yet, I still speak. And, I will shout until all of us speak more.

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8 thoughts on “The Sword of Silence

  1. lkgaddis says:

    Reblogged this on Sophia's Story and commented:
    This post describes precisely why I write. Through my blog, I have inspired many to ask questions they never would have dared to ask before. I never deny them an answer, instead relishing each moment I get to talk about my life, my truth, my Sophia and two other babies lost too soon.


  2. jenh94 says:

    I am glad you keep talking. I am happy you do not listen to any of the comments that could bring you down. I am happy that you fight for yourself and for others! I am sad that there are always people out there who are unable or unwilling to listen and learn from those who are brave enough, strong enough and careing enough to share their struggles, experiences, lessons and accomplishments! I am sad for them, but proud of you! Keep talking, writing, fighting, sharing and teaching- as I know you will!
    Good for you! 🙂

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  3. jasmine shei says:

    So true and very courageous. Thank you!

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  4. candidkay says:

    Congrats on the HuffPost bit! And thank you for using your voice.

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