At least I think so!

Today I was blessed to be able to witness my first two monarchs emerge (eclose).

Which also means I spent the next several hours making this incredible video. I am so proud of it and hope you love it!

Mothering these monarchs the last month has meant more to me than words can express.

This is finding the ever upward in unexpected parenting roles.

And, I feel incredibly blessed.

10 thoughts on “The Miracle of the Monarch

  1. Wow! Thats all i can say after watching! What an amazing video and an amazing cycle to be able to witness. Thanks so much for sharing!

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  2. jenh94 says:

    I am so, so happy that you were given the opportunity
    to experience this! It is so symbolic for you and I imagine the emotion that came with it filled your heart with such joy, thankfulness, love and purpose! Your unexpected parenting suits you well and I am so truly happy that this gift was given to you! 💚

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  3. Linda Laferriere says:

    Wow! I too have been living alongside and observing this miracle through the three 1st instar caterpillars and one egg I brought into my home 11 days ago. I brought them in after watching 4 itty bitty little ones for a few hours only to find that 2 had disappeared after those few hours. I read up and learned about their declining population and their high mortality rate in the wild, so I decided to foster them indoors and hopefully participate in increasing the population of monarchs. I didn’t touch them in their early stages, but once they reached their 4th and 5th instars, I began a ritual of giving them a gentle kiss on the back every day. After having survived multiple pregnancy losses, I can tell that this is me being a mother to them. I won’t be able to give them kisses as butterflies on the day I send them off into the world, so I do it now. I have one female in her chrysalis and three in their 5th instar, at this point. Thank you for your video. It is truly a work of love! I was blessed to watch one caterpillar emerge from it’s egg 11 days ago and blessed again today to be able to watch one molt for her fifth time to go into her pupa stage.Once I knew she was a female by the extra indentation at the top of the crhysalis, I named her Javonia after my grandson, Javon, since today is also his first birthday!


    1. Isn’t it so incredible!? I just released my debut coloring journal based on the monarch, had to, just too much inspiration!


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