I have been blogging for over a year and half now. A lot of learning, growth, healing and connection has happened in that year and a half.

204 posts of learning, growing and healing to be exact. As I am continuing to work on growing the platform of Ever Upward, I am growing my Justine Froelker’s YouTube channel. You can find Self-Care Tip Tuesdays, funny videos of the dogs, tapping scripts, my appearances on Great Day St. Louis and videos of me speaking to old blog posts, so please subscribe!

I originally wrote Being the Happiest and Healthiest Version of Ourselves in April of 2015. This is a slightly reworked and updated version of it, along with a NEW video explanation.


Working my recovery is never easy.

It is always simple though.

Some days I love it, some days I do it even though I can think of a thousand other things to do instead.

And, some days life simply gets in the way.

The frustration of falling off track with the choices of recovery. The sense of it never getting easier. The inaccurate inner critic telling us that we are a failure and that we will never _____________ (get better, lose the weight, be happy, achieve success…).

When this happens it can feel easier to just stay down, to wallow and sit in the shit.

How long does this have to feel like such a struggle? Will it always be this hard? Will I ever feel motivated to choose better?

Some of my clients look at me and think this recovery I fight for every day is easy and that I have it all figured out, which really only means they must not be keeping up on the blog ;). They think that the only way I practice my self-care daily is because I feel like it and I am super jazzed and awesomely motivated to (sarcasm).

And, sure, there are days this can feel true, but not every day, in fact probably not most days.

There are days that I must simply choose it.

Just do it.

And no, it is not easy. But it is simple. However, I know choosing recovery is definitely not easy, and maybe not even simple, in the depths of severe depression and anxiety. But, I do believe that we still always have the ability to choose again.

Practicing recovery daily means that I make the choices that are aligned with who I want to be.

I choose to meditate, color, journal, exercise, tap, take my supplements, drink water, write, get enough sleep, etc. because I want to be the happiest and healthiest version of myself.

I choose in alignment with who I want to be and I want to be happy, healthy, present and engaged in my life.

There are days that I am not motivated to do my morning routine. My thoughts and my feelings aren’t pushing me towards choosing self-care. But I choose it anyway because it is in alignment with who I want to be and I make sure to at least do something that moves me toward that person.

We can choose this person. We can choose who we want to be. And better yet, we must choose daily the steps that move us closer to that person. What if you took that next best step toward the happy, healthy, engaged and present person you want to be?

5 thoughts on “Choosing in Alignment With Who I Want To Be

  1. Another great reminder! Exercise was a huge part of my recovery, then I fell off of the wagon a few months ago and can give a million different excuses about why. But the truth is that I need to get rid of the excuses and get back in the gym for me because I know it makes me healthier and feel better.

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    1. Ugh, so hard and frustrating and NORMAL to fall off track, trust me! I always get one thing added back on for several days and then add another until I am fully back. Thanks for reading, and as always, commenting! ❤ J


  2. artemise says:

    It’s a daily work to be what we want to be… It’s not innate.
    Thanks for your post !

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