Today I bring you my guest post for Tracey Cleantis, author of The Next Happy. The Next Happy is a book so much the same, and  yet so very different, than Ever Upward both leading the reader to a new version and definition of their happy ending. Tracey’s sense of humor and full of resource book is one to add to your reading list for sure. I am so thankful to Tracey for her friendship and for the chance to write for her blog!


Ever Upward to My Next Happy

by Justine Brooks Froelker

There somethings I wouldn’t wish on anyone (enduring infertility treatment that doesn’t lead to the much longed for child is such a commonality), however it is also really nice to have friends who really gets it.  Justine Brooks Froelker is such a friend. We also have some other important stuff in common, we are book therapists and we both write about how to move Ever Upward to our Next Happy. I invited Justine to share her Next Happy story with you here and she accepted. Thank you, Justine!

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3 thoughts on “My Next Happy

  1. Cool! Love this line: “Choosing to live our lives from the place of love and to respond in ways that honor all of our story and not live from the place of fear and simply react to what has happened to us.

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    1. Thank you, one of my best I think ;).


      1. You’ve been on a string of bests, in my opinion. 😉 I always learn so much from you!

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