Every day I learn a lesson in this lifelong journey of grief.

Now a few years out of our failed infertility journey some of those lessons knock me on my ass, some push me forward and some lift me up on a firm foundation.

It gets different.I am often asked,

Does it ever get better?

To which I say in complete love and loathing of the complicated gray,

It gets different.

Some days are better.

Some are brutal.

All days, in each lesson, I am shown that it gets different.

I am different; some days better, some brutal.

5 thoughts on “Petite Post: It Gets Different

  1. Yes, yes, and more yes! This has changed me. I am different too. I’m glad you linked the complicated grey post because I needed that reminder today. Now I will go and find the sitting in the shit post because I need that reminder today too.


    1. I need to update that post… Aaaahhh the sitting in the shit, love that one! Sending you sitting with (not in) the shit vibes ;). ❤ J


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