Most of our closest friends have three kids.


Three seems to be the new 2.5 kids in our culture. We love those big families of five even if sometimes we look at each on our way to the childless quiet of our home and say to one another, “Man, three kids! The kids literally out number the adults. Do you think we would have gotten three?”

But we do have three.

Just not here with feet skipping along the earth.

Continue reading my first guest post over at Still Mothers here.

10 thoughts on “Still Mothers: Skipping With My Three

  1. You have definitely changed. There is no way you could get through this shit experience without being changed. And the changed you has decided to be a catalyst for change for society by sharing your experiences, by honoring yourself and your babies. Not everybody will understand (or care), but even if just a few do, it’s worth it.

    I’m trying to figure out how to make my voice heard, and you are blazing quite the trail for people like me who aren’t quite there yet. In many respects I don’t even feel qualified to sit at the “big kid’s table” in discussions about infertility. I was never a mother. I was never pregnant. We chose not to go through with IVF. We didn’t lose any babies because we didn’t have any to begin with. We lost a dream, and that just doesn’t have the sensationalism to be a marketable story that people will actually listen to. And frankly I’m not strong enough to deal with the same vitriol that people have spewed at you for sharing your story. Gah, word vomit….


    1. I love your word vomits :)! You belong always, try to not to compare our stories, even thought some days this feels next to fucking impossible, especially in the infertility and loss world.


      1. You. Are. Awesome. ❤


      2. Thank you! You.Are.Too!


  2. Very powerful. I still see the photo you shared the other day with your 3. It has prompted me to look into a photo like this for our 5 💗


    1. Oh good, please send my way if you do. I am so thankful I took the chance to get the photographs and even more so to put them up in my house in honor of our three.

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