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Shoulder Pads

Speak it.

Speak it so fucking loud that the shame monster looks at you shocked and frozen. Because that monster speaks lies to you. That monster tries to lull you into submission by telling you that you don’t matter. That you’re unworthy. That your fear will always stop you.

Look her straight in those sinister green eyes and speak.

I’m scared. I’m lost.

But you’re not my truth.

And then walk towards her feeling your racing heart and sweaty palms propelling you forward and wrap your arms around the shoulder padded business suit of shame.

Hold tight and feel the fear and shame melt between you both to make room and allow the warmth between you; invite in your awe.

The awe that you’ve survived. The awe that you have a story. The awe that your voice is beautifully important.

Because you’re it. The only one ever like you; shame monster and all; fucking shoulder padded business suit shame monster.

And say,

Thank you, but no thank you.

May I take your blazer?

Show your beauty, your heart; your awe.

The light filled awe.

Shine bright my love, shine bright in awesome glory; in awe struck, fear filled awesome glory.

Shine bright my love, shine bright in awesome glory; in awe struck, fear filled awesome glory.

6 thoughts on “Penned Musings: Shoulder Pads

  1. You have an uncanny knack for speaking the words that I didn’t even know I needed to hear. Thank you, again. Now to find some tissues and journal out some of the shame related feelings that I’ve been trying to ignore (you get one guess at how that’s been going….).


  2. jenh94 says:

    Embrace the shame that silences you so that it loses its power. Allow yourself to regain your inner strength and courage so that you can take back your power that shame has stollen from you. Then lift your head that has been bowed by that shame, hold it high so everyone can see your scarred beauty. Make eye contact with those around you- as well as with yourself. Then proudly and loudly say, “I am strong and true. I am imperfect but I exist. I am here and I have shown up! I am enough…always!


    1. Love this! Thank you!


  3. Julie Sorrell says:

    What a joy and a privilege to meet and speak with you today after we released butterflies at The Butterfly Palace! I ordered two of your coloring books on my lunch break. I’ve been reading your blog posts and watching videos and sharing the link to your blog with friends I know will be blessed by it, one of which is my daughter. I love your honesty, and you’re transparency. I think if you were a butterfly you’d be a beautiful, delect-yet-strong Glasswing! Thank you for visiting us at the Palace and sharing your story with me!


    1. Julie, it was so nice to meet you today! As usual, we had a great time at the Butterfly Palace! I am so glad we connected and look forward to collaborating in the future! And thank you, now I am going to google everything about the Glasswing butterfly…look for a future blog post, ha! Justine


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