Open the window.

He said referring to how stuffy the room had gotten during their difficult discussion.

They both needed to open the window; their window into themselves, for each other and to the world.

The windows that have now been slammed shut by loss.

Three babies, no more and no more chances, to be a normal family with 2.5 kids.

Windows slammed shut so hard they had shattered in ways never thought possible, never easily understood and forever changed.

What now?

She asked knowing there wasn’t answer to this besides to move forward.

How do you move forward into a new normal after everything you had hoped and dreamed of is no longer?

She shifts her weight uncomfortably wrapping her arms around herself tightly as if to protect herself from further damage, and yet, in reality, more as a preventive step to not completely fall apart.

He walks forward enveloping her body in the hurt strength of his own.


She looks up,


6 thoughts on “Penned Musing: Open Window

  1. Your Penned Musings really do have a way of evoking all of the feels…..

    I’ve actually been thinking a lot about a similar moment between hubs and I that happened the day before Thanksgiving two years ago, the day I say that infertility finally broke us. But in the quiet of the early morning in the darkness of our bedroom as we laid there silently crying and holding each other, I knew that we would be ok, no matter what.

    Anyway, thanks for writing this. I would be willing to bet that many couples experience similar, but this is the only time I can remember where someone wrote about it. You’ve moved me to tears. Again. 🙂


    1. Much love you to you both, no one ever really told us we’d have to fight so hard to keep us together through and after this journey… Thank you for reading and as always your amazing conversation. Justine


  2. AnotherForty says:

    Thanks for this beautiful piece. As I am dealing with a marriage that is breaking under the weight, I am happy to be reminded that people can get through this together.


    1. We can, we must try. Turn towards one another, remind each other of you and make the time to fight for one another. Sending you love and healing. Justine


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