8 thoughts on “To Our Glories

  1. Kim says:

    Beautiful poem! Thank you so much for speaking for our babies. It is so special to hear it recorded here. For the first time since I lost my son I was unable to attend the ceremony. You helped me feel as if I were a part of it. Many hugs!


    1. Kim, Thank you so much! It was a beautiful ceremony!!! Justine


  2. In Due Time book says:

    Your poem is so moving Justine. You’re such a talented writer!


    1. Thank you Jen! This is one of those pieces that channeled out of me… I was pretty nervous reading it last night, tried not to get caught up in how many people were there but rather simply loving and honoring all of our children.


  3. jenh94 says:

    You did wonderfully and your words were perfect! I am sure you reached the hearts of many, many people!! 💜


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