The email comes through with the subject line of #MoreThan1in8 and my heart skips a beat.

The social media notification comes through with the brave words and beautiful faces of someone breaking the silence and I’m overcome with goosebumps in knowing awe.

The knowing awe of the power of telling our stories.

The knowing awe of the freedom of owning stories.

The knowing awe of the world changing.

In one week I have had 29 people share their stories of thriving through and thereafter infertility along with their bright shining faces. In the next two weeks I hope and pray that number jumps to no less than 100.

Because I want more from us and for us. It is my #startasking I suppose.

Even if you are not comfortable, now or ever, to share your infertility story publicly on social media, I would be appreciative if you would at least share the project. More than that I would be honored if you would share your story and show your face with me privately via email. I am not publicly posting the stories. I am however going to use our faces, the images of thriving through and after infertility, for a project during National Infertility Awareness Week. But your photo may not necessarily be identifiable, as it will be very, very small. Too public for you even still? Then please share your story with me and a photo of the hobby, the pets, the books that are helping you thrive through and after your infertility journey. Or if you think I’m crazy and this will never work, I’ll just take those thoughts, prayers and lots of magic that this project can provide some of us the outlet to tell our stories.

But still, I beg you, break your silence in a way that honors your truth and changes your life and the world.

We cannot want more from our loved ones and our society unless we tell our stories. We must ask for what we want and need, and we must educate if we are going to get the understanding and compassion we all so desperately need through and after this journey. No need for the public blog or social media posts or publishing the book, but please, speak  your story to someone who loves you, to someone you trust.

I think, speaking our truth and owning our stories, is one of the only ways we will get out of this alive and well.

To participate in #MoreThan1in8 please send however much of your story and a photo that you are comfortable with, and thank you in advance!



Twitter: @JustineFroelker


8 thoughts on “The Goosebumps of Knowing Awe

  1. I really appreciate what you have to say. It is because of people like you that I have been able to share my story. I have an art show opening during Infertility Awareness Week that is about my own struggles with infertility. Thank you for sharing your story.


    1. Thank you! I was a bit nervous about this project and even more nervous asking for people to for real participate in it. But from my experience and my work with clients, I have no doubt we need to speak our stories. It will help us survive and thrive! I’d LOVE more information on your art show please! And would be happy to share it with my followers if you would like? Thank you for reading and especially for commenting! I’d love your participation in #MoreThan1in8! Justine

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  2. Sondra says:

    Very well done interview. Thank you for being a voice.


    1. Thank you Sondra!!! Thank you for supporting and participating in #MoreThan1in8! J

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  3. BnB says:

    I love this campaign and I’ve loved reading all of the stories that were shared publicly on the Ever Upward Facebook page. Still contemplating publicly coming out of the infertility closet…… Can’t wait to meet you next week! 🙂


    1. It has been amazing to see the stories come in, I hope for more!! You will know when you are ready! See you next Friday!!!!!!!!!!!! Justine


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