A friend and a blogger sharing her #MoreThan1in8! I love how this community is coming together to break our silence!

Stay Motivated Mama

My journey with my husband to begin our family was a short one. I say short because after 1 year of marriage and 1 ½ years trying to conceive, I was waking up in recovery to learn that I had endometriosis. I will never forget this day, and I think that it will always bring tears to my eyes.

After a year of trying, I made the dreaded appointment that would launch me into a world I never knew existed. I was quickly put on Clomid but, after 5 months and no success I received a referral to meet with a new doctor. This doctor spent a lot of time going through my history and confidently suspected that I had endometriosis- he was right. My right fallopian tube is completely closed off and my left shows signs of a partial blockage. My doctor was very straight forward with me and…

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