I am still in grateful disbelief.

No one could have ever predicted this.

No one.

Except of course the author of my life Himself. The Creator of the Heavens and Earth (we can agree to disagree on this point if needed) ;). The One who chose me to be their mother

God Himself!

I am excited to share with you all that I now have a reading plan published on the YouVersion Bible app!

I searched, emailed and hustled for months trying to figure out how to submit a reading plan, as they have not been accepting submissions for a while now. I was unwilling to accept that there were only 3 infertility reading plans and I finally received an email back. Within a couple of weeks I got the email saying they accepted my plan and would be launching today, perfect timing for National Infertility Awareness Week!

I did not fight my way into my faith until after our infertility journey.  I know faith is hard for a lot of us, especially as we are trying to survive and thrive through and after infertility. But, as I have written before, I think it is important for us to have faith in something.

For me, this is faith in Jesus Christ as my savior. Trusting the plan God has written for me, even in those times I don’t really like it, and doing the work to find my place in it. I can’t wait to share my full faith testimony in the next book.

For now, I hope you find this reading plan helpful. And, as I already had a client say to me, “Infertility or not, it kind of applies to any struggle.”

Yep, hard is just hard.

Screenshot (238)

Download the YouVersion Bible app and search infertility or my name to find my plan or click here.

11 thoughts on “Only One Could Have Ever Predicted This

  1. snowdroplets says:

    So many good, supporting, affirming things happening that give strength to all of us! Congratulations on the reading plan. I’ve downloaded it already. Faith during my intense struggles with infertility over the last year has been difficult. I want to draw closer and I’m in so much pain, yet I also withdraw. In the eastern orthodox church, this is our holy week and pascha (Easter) is celebrated this weekend. Yet I feel so disconnected, maybe by the power of my grief. I know it will all sort out. My point is, I’m grateful for encouragement and tools to draw closer to Christ and his church. Look forward to reading!


    1. Thank you so much for downloading it! I hope you find it helpful! I’d love your feedback and any shares of the plan. Thank you again! Prayers and love headed your way!! Justine

      Liked by 1 person

  2. BnB says:

    So cool! I love how the timing lined up so that it rolls out for NIAW. Maybe someday you can write a whole devotional/Bible study type of book, and not necessarily all infertility related, about faith through struggle. It would basically be the perfect marriage between your faith and your profession. 🙂


    1. One day I do hope to write a full devotional! Add it to list 😉


  3. Congrats. You continue to inspire me.


    1. Thank you so much Michelle! Lunch soon?


  4. gsmwc02 says:

    Congrats. You work so hard on all of this and deserve everything that comes your way. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I would be so grateful if you could have a look at my blog and let me know what you think!
    Your story is so encouraging 🙂

    AQFMTM xxx


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