This Penned Musing inspired after reading Psalm 6.



A gift no one deserves and yet we are all worthy of.

Worthy through, in and because of Him.

Grief threatens to devour me.

Some days it ebbs not much unlike the slightest tide pulling me down with a quiet tug.

It can always completely devour me.

Devour in stealing my light, snuffing out joy and settling into my soul as a dark dementor.

My tiniest sparks are always there, within myself and within this world.

The spark of my children.

My children only to be held in my heart and never my arms.

Gifted to me through grace.

A grace filled grief.

If only I receive.

Grace to find my place as a mother in this world.

Grace to find my place in His story.

My grace.

My children only to be held in my heart and never my arms.Gifted to me through grace.A grace filled grief.

4 thoughts on “Penned Musing: A Grace Filled Grief

  1. Becky says:

    This prompted me to go back and read Psalm 6. Upon reading it, I was reminded that this was one of my Psalms of lament. I love that God provides is very own Word as a way for us to echo back to Him the cries of our own hearts. Your response is beautiful!


    1. Thank you Becky!!! Reading through Psalms now, so I assume this will not be the last Penned Musing inspired from it! Justine


  2. BnB says:

    I’m so glad that you have your faith to hold on to when the going gets tough. You know my misgivings about religion, but I do actually love the Bible and have quite a few verses and stories committed to memory, because sometimes they fit.

    Sending you hugs today!


    1. Thanks friend! There are some pretty incredible verses in the Bible, belief in Christ or not! ❤


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