Happy Friday! A tiny post for you today…a poem?

I am sorry I have not posted as often lately. My June is filled with a lot of travel and getting my schedule under control in order to make more time for the second book.

I was inspired for this writing prompt by the brilliant book I am reading by Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind. Definitely check it out!


I’m finally learning.

Happy is mine.

All mine.

Get your own.

Just as I have.

Fought for.



Sought. Found.

No longer based on my past or reliant on the accomplishments of the future.

Happy now.

Chosen in the present second.

Hustled for and with.


And received.

Eyes and heart open enough.

Through and in the dark.



Yours too.

***Includes Amazon Affiliate link.

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