Chad wrote his first blog post in honor of the documentary Don’t Talk About the Baby. Please read and share far and wide! The male perspective is so important in the infertility and loss world!


The Missed Homerun

… Mountains of articles and posts exist about the impact of infertility and loss but surprisingly very few share the male perspective. I think a huge reason for. this is men’s ability to be completely lost in a single topic or event. Some may call this presence and being engaged but I also think it’s our ability to compartmentalize. The way I am wired allows me to compartmentalize my thoughts, feelings and experiences much more than Justine…

Claire here to read more.

One thought on “Chad’s Voice: The Missed Homerun

  1. BnB says:

    This. It’s so reassuring to read a male’s perspective. I don’t even know how many times I’ve asked my husband “does this even bother you?” The answer is always a resounding yes, but it’s harder to see and it’s harder to get him to talk about it. He’s definitely better at accepting what is at face value and moving on than I am. I love the “boxes that don’t touch” versus “ball of wires” analogy, because this is so true at my house too! Please pass this along my thanks to Chad for writing this piece. Maybe he needs his own blog? ;p


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