I stand on my brick patio looking up at the churning sky. My lush butterfly gardens, all four of them, surround me with all the shades of green you can imagine and the sweetest scents to ever fill my nose.

I force the deep breath in through my nose in an attempt to not allow the sobs to escape and tears to roll.

I look up, God I need something. Take this away if it isn’t for Your good or Your plan. Give me something, show me what I need to keep going, that I am on the right track. Please give me the strength either way.

Three pleads. Three requests.


And, there they are again.

I release the deep breath from my mouth which only seems to give permission for the tears to come.

I breath in again, breathing in how much my soul longs for my three, Have you forgotten me?

I make myself pause with my exhale; stopping to listen.

The birds are chirping and the wind is blowing through my milkweed plants and all the trees.

In the breath of the wind and churning of the sky I hear, I am here child. I’ve got it. I am good. Trust me.

I feel a new and slight sense of peace and my lingering frustration. Once again, I am reminded of the complicated gray I feel everyday without my children here on earth.

The complicated gray of the longing joy and the childless mother.

With eyes and heart wide open to receive and the courage to ask, the next two weeks He fills my life with example after example of the complicated gray. As if He is saying, Make the time, this is your path, write it, share it, shine it.

The client who is about to deliver her sons after years of trying; feeling happy and scared.

My team who battles the fear of what others think and their belief and bravery to help others and share something they believe in.

The client who loves and must let go of people she really cares about.

The reader who is finally pregnant after years of trying only to realize her fear is stealing her joy.

The muck between knowing we are worthy, lovable, enough and the old stories our head tells us that we aren’t.

The acquaintance who desperately wants and needs to make a change in her life and feels comfortable even if it is in her known misery.

The client who is very early in a pregnancy after a miscarriage and a stillbirth, feeling the pull to protect the memory of her sons while also loving and hoping for this new baby.

My pride in a growing business and the frustration in it not happening fast enough.

All of it the complicated gray and what I am learning is my gift for this world.

The complicated gray is the permission to change the but to an and.Because the complicated gray is the permission to change the but to an and.

Giving ourselves permission to feel it all, all at the same time; the anger and acceptance, the  joy and the longing, the fear and the hope.

The permission to walk into the muck of the gray between the certainties of life; allowing ourselves to hold both truths, as difficult and uncomfortable as that is, we will awaken to life in color.

The anxious hope. The doubting worth. The frustrated belief. The boundaried love. The yearning acceptance.

The longing joy as the childless mother.

So, I will continue to fight for this next book because it is needed, I see the power in it every day in my life and He seems to be reminding me of it more and more.

Thank you for your patience as I continue my advocacy work, my jobs that actually pay the bills and working on the follow up to Ever Upward. And, I’ll take whatever prayers, positive sparkles, love and shares/tweets/likes you’ve got.

19 thoughts on “The Permission of And

  1. BnB says:

    You are amazing. And enough. I am so grateful to call you a friend.

    Thank you for your advocacy and for making the commitment to get your next book out there. It will make a difference. Just remember that you are only one human. Don’t lose yourself along the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for being such an amazing friend; my cheerleader, my challenger, my warrior and my much needed laughter break! J


  2. BY says:

    This post was wonderful for my heart. Thank you, prayers coming your way!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Becky, this means so much! And, thank you I will take those prayers for sure! Justine


  3. Karen Lanser says:

    Thank YOU Justine … your beautiful words … the ache in your heart … the truth in the ‘complicated gray’ … the blessing of ‘and’ … have reached into the depths of my soul and touched my own sense of what you are sharing. Thank you for bringing me back to an important piece of me in this moment … ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your words are a nice salve, just the knowing that someone else gets it. Thank you Karen <3!!! J


  4. Elaine says:

    This is so beautiful, Justine. I promise I will buy and read your next book, since I absolutely loved your first. Thank you for telling your story and speaking your truth. Sending my very best wishes from Switzerland!


    1. Elaine, Thank you so much! I will keep on keeping on because I must and because it brings healing to me and others. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to leave your words! Justine


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