It is with a heart full of awe and gratitude that I am kicking off my blog tour in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week and the launch of my latest book The Mother of Second Chances: The Struggle Bus of Rewriting My Story of Infertility and Loss, based off my blog. The Mother of Second Chances releases April 17th and is available for pre-orders now!

For this blog tour I have 24 incredible voices joining me. Over the next five weeks each blogger will post on their blog or social media outlet their post on their assigned day to help us raise awareness of the lifelong journey of infertility. Read my fellow warriors stories of loss, courage, hope, healing and honor. Let us come together to educate the world on infertility and rising Ever Upward, and therefore build compassion for our continued healing.

We would love for you to participate by sharing these posts far and wide. We’d especially love to see your own broken silence by sharing your own infertility story using the hastags: #NIAW, #infertility and #EverUpward. And, please feel free to tag me.

Together we will #shatterthestigma.


To kick us off, I start with my 6 Motherly Lessons Learned From the Losses of Infertility. Tomorrow my friend Jenna shares her story.


Post links will be published once blogs are posted.

Justine Brooks Froelker: 3/27 – 6 Motherly Lessons Learned From the Losses of Infertility

Jenna Marinelli: 3/28 – My Journey to Motherhood

Laura Gaddis: 3/29 – Surviving Infertility

Cathy Broadwell: 3/30 – – National Infertility Awareness Week and the Ever Upward Blog Tour

Sarah Chamberlin: 3/31 – Involuntary Childlessness in the Human Conversation

Stephanie Risinger: 4/3 – Grief and the Loss of What You Hoped and Planned For

Jody Day: 4/4 – The invisible grief of the childless-by-circumstance woman

Elizabeth Walker: 4/5 – Infertile Enough

Heather Huhman: 4/6 – I’m Stronger Than Infertility, and It Will Not Silence Me

Erica Stepteau: 4/7 – Permission to Feel

Kristy Taxson: 4/10 – I’m Stuck in a Life I Didn’t Plan

Candace Wohl: 4/11 – Infertility and Our Indelible Smiles

Susan Fuller: 4/12 – The Vestiges Of Infertility

Kelly DaSilva: 4/13 – The Emotional Struggle of Infertility & Childlessness

Lisa Manterfield: 4/14 – It Got Me Thinking…About the Invisible Losses of Childlessness

Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle: 4/15 – ENGLISH SPEAKING ESF LEADERS TO FOLLOW!

Sarah Roberts: 4/17 – Punctuating Life…

Jessica Hepburn: 4/18 – Yes, It IS Tuesday

Kim Antisdel: 4/19 – The Trouble with Never

Meaghan Shaffer: 4/20 – Me too

Sarah Bartels: 4/21 – I Am

Elena Ridley: 4/24 – NIAW 2017

Jen Noonan: 4/25 – Listen Up!

Lindsay Fischer: 4/26 – On (Healthy) Anger and Perspective

Julie Maleski: 4/27 – Just For a Moment

Justine Brooks Froelker: 4/28 –

19 thoughts on “6 Motherly Lessons Learned From the Losses of Infertility: Ever Upward Blog Tour 2017

  1. Justine, your words are authentically brave and REAL. Your voice and your story are so crucial to the infertility world, and when you share your story, you TRULY do inspire others to share THEIR stories. Thank you for your words and for sharing your heart. I’m so grateful for your blog tour to help launch your new book and to #shatterthestigma of infertility. My life is so much brighter because I know you. Love you, my friend.


    1. Thank you my friend! So thankful God crossed our paths. This is only the beginning! Love you! Justine


  2. lenaridley says:

    Thank you for including me on this blog tour! So excited about your next book release!


    1. Thank YOU so much for participating and for the support! ❤


  3. I got such a great information on this topic it’s very interesting one. Thanks for sharing the best posts they amazing and very help us. You made a good site it’s very useful to us. I am very satisfied with your site and your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. alissa081 says:

    Thank you so much for being one of the rare people brave enough to give our tribe a voice. I have a small private facebook group of friends who are childless after infertility treatments and we are all loving your stuff. You are such an inspiration to us. ❤


    1. Thank you so much for leaving these words here. They mean more than you know! We are never alone, this I know for sure! J


  5. Hope says:

    Thank you for voicing the things that I sometimes find unspeakable. Your compassion & strength touched me so deeply. I don’t have the words for how meaningful your short video was to me. I am childless by circumstance, initially infertility and loss, followed by the painful disillusion of my marriage. Thank you for your message of hope that doing the work can bring healing. Thank you also for the reminder not to compare pain, but to each have compassion for anyone else who has suffered in this way.
    I have tried to burry my losses in a focusing on building a new life–one that I *can* control, at least to some extent. Thank you for the reminder that the work of healing has many layers, is hard, and is worth continuing!


    1. The work is so hard, so incredible and so worth it. I see you and know you too well ;). Thank you so much for watching, reading and for your support!!! J


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