Ever Upward: Overcoming the Lifelong Losses of Infertility to Define Your Own Happy Ending

by Justine Brooks Froelker

Ever Upward is the hopeful story of what one woman did to change her life for the better after the heartbreaking, devastating and life-long losses of infertility. Ever Upward begins with Justine’s incredible story of surviving life through two back surgeries, a year in a body cast and two rounds of IVF with a gestational surrogate. Justine guides the reader through the strategies she used to overcome the loss of her dream of motherhood and chose to thrive through the ownership and acceptance of her childfree, yet childfull, life.

Justine Froelker is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator (based on the research of Brené Brown) with a private practice in St. Louis, Missouri. She is the author of her book and blog, Ever Upward; an infertility advocate for breaking the shamed silence of infertility, pregnancy loss and fighting to recover thereafter. She also writes for St. Louis Health & Wellness magazine and The Huffington Post and appears regularly on the mid-day television show Great Day St. Louis.

Available now here (for a signed copy and to support Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support) or through your favorite bookstores or online at:


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Features on Ever Upward

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AGC Scholarships‘s feature on Ever Upward (the 1st 1500 words of chapter 1- Conceiving Our Chosen Family).

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Ladue News Q & A with author of Ever Upward.

Taking Flight: An Ever Upward™ Coloring Journal

Taking Flight is the debut adult coloring book from Justine Brooks Froelker, author of Ever Upward.

Through coloring pages and journaling prompts, Taking Flight guides the reader through the miraculous life cycle of the monarch butterfly while leading the reader to draw parallels to their own life journey and struggles.

Pictures and words will show the way through the darkness to make room for the light.

Now available via CreateSpace here.


Lessons in Ever Upward: Tips, Tricks, Idea and Resources in Practicing Self-Care

by Justine Brooks Froelker

Life is hard and people are complicated which means at some point we will all have to do the work of recovery in our lives. For Justine, the author, this is the recovery from anxiety, depression and the lifelong losses of infertility. For you it may be recovery from addiction, unhealthy relationships, a faith crisis, divorce, general discontent, feeling lost…really anything.

Practicing recovery means choosing to change our lives in order to be better than okay when our lives didn’t turn out how we had hoped.

Justine first wrote of her recovery journey in Ever Upward (available now). In Ever Upward’s Chapter 4-Choosing Change she shared with readers how she changed her life after hitting rock bottom. In Lessons in Ever Upward, Justine shares even more resources in how she has updated her daily self-care, especially in how she has improved her eating, sleeping, moving, coping and communicating. Lessons will provide the reader with many resources and ideas in daily self-care especially for morning and nighttime routines and how exactly to implement it all.

Lessons in Ever Upward is full of resources to help you improve your life, all you have to do is begin again, choose the change and rise ever upward.

Now available on Kindle!



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