Ever Upward

Rachel McGrath‘s, of Finding the Rainbow, review.

Bent Not Broken‘s review.

Heart Reflected’s review.

Jody Day, author of Rocking the Life Unexpected:

“This is a personal memoir of how Justine and her husband Chad redefined their lives for the better after the heartbreaking losses of infertility and their subsequent decision not to adopt. It’s worth reading JUST for her honesty on the subject of NOT adopting, which is something that those of us who do or don’t choose that path are challenged on by friends, family and strangers over and over again. Also, her honesty with regard to how friendships are affected by the infertility journey is comforting to all of us who thought that such things must only have happened to us! Personally, as a woman for whom my marriage was one of the losses of infertility, the portrayal of her supportive marriage was something that brought up new grief. I therefore recommend this book for couples at any stage of their infertility journey, and for their family and friends to help them understand. Thank you Justine. You rock sister!”

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Ever Upward Chapter 3 – Owning Adoption

Review by My Perfect Breakdown

“This chapter showed a very human side of Justine, not as a counselor or a person living recovery or as someone trying to breakdown the infertility silence, but as a person in the throws of the infertility struggle, who is hurting and quite possibly even lost.

Maybe most importantly, from a literary perspective, Justine shares her story with grace and elegance that I’m grown to expect from her writing.”

Ever Upward Chapter 4 – Choosing Change

Review by My Perfect Breakdown

“She provides insight and advice from her personal perspective as well as her professional therapist perspective. Her professional therapist perspective particularly shines through when she shares suggestions on simple ways her readers can improve their self care.

She goes to great lengths to explain the changes she made, why she made them and what inspired her.

Most importantly, Justine shares her perspective with heart and compassion.”

Ever Upward Chapter 5 – Evolving Relationships

Review by My Perfect Breakdown

“This new found connection meant that I enjoyed this chapter immensely. The part of the chapter that really spoke to me was her discussion of how two of her friends were negatively changed through her infertility journey. Almost like an additional casualty of the infertility experience, adding insult to an already injured heart….

Justine also reminded me to continue to cherish our true friends who have stood by us and cheered us along with each step we have taken. She has reminded me to continue to nourish and treasure the friends that we continue to hold onto, and to let go of the incapables in my life who will probably never understand.
Needless to say, I am hooked on Justine’s booked and looking forward to reading the entire book shortly.”

Ever Upward Chapter 6 – Reigniting the Spark

Review by A Few Pieces Missing From Normalcy

“Whether you are someone who is just beginning your infertility journey or if you have resolved your infertility, I think this book is a must read.  Justine’s unique perspective bringing that personal touch with her professional touch delivers a powerful message to the reader.”

Ever Upward Chapter 6 – Reigniting the Spark

Review by Awaiting Autumn

“As I read each page, I smiled at the similarities between our stories, laughed at Justine’s humour and took moments to digest the personal insight that Justine so easily conveys through her words…

Justine’s story is vulnerable and raw, yet completely relatable. I guarantee you will laugh, maybe even cry, but most of all, you will heal.”

Ever Upward Chapter 6 – Reigniting the Spark

Review by Elisha at Waiting for Baby Bird

“It’s no doubt that these stressors have reduced our ‘spark’ to a mere flicker.  However, just like Justine pointed out in her chapter, you have to be diligent to not let it stress or put a damper on your intimacy with one another and in doing so, a couple must make their relationship and connection with one another top priorities.  One way she recommends doing this is planning and even pre-purchasing dates for each month within the year…

Her story has helped me remember the importance of not being too focused on working towards making a baby, that I forget to work towards making our marriage strong so that it will last the ups and downs of this thing called life.  I encourage anyone who is struggling to conceive or has struggled in the past, to purchaseEver Upward which will become available October 1st, 2014 via her website or in bookstores early March.”

Ever Upward Chapter 8 – Emerging to Own Myself Again

Review by Dani at Blooming Spiders

“The chapter title which spoke to me most was Chapter 8: Emerging to Own Myself Again. The visual representation I had was of a wounded butterfly recocooning itself to heal, yet reemerging, after a Season of grief and recovery, better and stronger because of its traumas or, as Justine calls them, “soul scars”. It is precisely that image that Justine puts into words…

Perhaps the anger will hang on; perhaps the question of whether or not to try again will be a daily, if not an hourly, one; perhaps our sacred light will be snuffed out, at least for awhile; but Justine reminds us that there is more after loss. There is joy, and purpose, and yes…

There. Is. Life…”

Ever Upward -Full Book Review

Review by Lisa at Amateur Nester

“I particularly enjoyed the chapter entitled “Owning Adoption.” Contrary to what the title suggests, Justine and her husband, Chad, did not pursue adoption. She describes how they came to the decision not to adopt and how they respond to the inevitable questions and criticism that arise. I think this chapter may be the most important chapter of the whole book because it validates and gives a voice to couples who may ashamed to admit that adoption is not going to be a part of their story. Couples whose experiences are so often lost in the flood of beautiful adoption stories we so often read…

There are light-hearted moments in the book, too.  I enjoyed reading about how Justine and her husband bought their dream home from a woman who struggled with hoarding.  The descriptions of the items they found in the house were amusing and gave her further insight into Justine’s sense of humor.”

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