Top 10 Most Viewed Posts

10. Acceptance in Infertility: 9 Untruths in the Never Give Up Message

9. 46 Often Silenced, and Left Out, Parts of Our Infertility Stories

8. The Dates Seared Into Use

7. An Apology and Thank You to Bobbie Thomas

6. Conceiving Our Chosen Children

5. Our Infertility Rap Sheets

4. The Paradox of Letting Go

3. Not Just Another Birth Story

2. The Childfree Mother

1. We Are More Than 1 in 8

3 thoughts on “Top Posts

  1. fabao 101D says:

    Nice post. I learn something new and challenging
    on websktes I stumbleupon on a daily basis. It’s always helpful to read through
    content from other authors aand use something from oher websites.


  2. Theresa says:

    Are you the woman that was on Great Day today (Nov 24) commenting about saying “no”?
    If you are not, disregard this feedback.
    I am an older generation. The younger women seem to be getting quite selfish and unaware of some social graces that we older women practice. OF COURSE you apologize when you can’t make an event!! If you don’t have any feelings, at least be gracious enough to act like you do and make the hostess feel comfortable about your decline. Yes, its ok to say no to some events, but be careful in your decisions. If its a family gathering or a good friend, just go and honor them. At least for a short visit. Family time can be rearranged during the holidays. Instead, teach your kids to honor family and bless them with your attendance. You have to be flexible with some of your plans and be respectful to those more special people in your life. This is the busiest month of the year for all women and kids WILL survive changing plans! Just turn the situation around and think about how you would feel if a lot of people don’t come to your gathering or they seem to be cold when they respond. You will understand all of this in 3 decades when your kids are married with grandkids!


    1. Theresa,

      I appreciate your feedback and you’re right, of course decline with grace! That is what I meant by being empathic and aware when your boundary or saying no may hurt someone’s feelings. We all must know what our limits are, taking care of ourselves so that we then can take care of our loved ones. At times this requires us to say no and set boundaries, especially in busy times with the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Justine


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