Hello there! My name is Kelly and I’m so happy you’ve found your way to Ever Upward. I am a lifelong learner with a passion for exploring the world around me and sharing my experiences with others.

While I am dedicated to my career, I firmly believe that life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. I am always up for an adventure, whether it’s trying a new restaurant, taking a road trip, or exploring a new city. I believe that taking time to enjoy the little moments in life is essential to maintaining a balanced and happy life.

Despite my love of adventure, I am also very dedicated to my career. I believe that hard work and dedication are essential to achieving success, and I am committed to both. I am always seeking out new opportunities to learn and grow professionally, and I believe that this commitment to continuous improvement has been key to my success.

Overall, I am a sweet, adventurous, and hardworking person who loves nothing more than sharing my experiences and insights with others. Whether you’re looking for advice on career advancement, travel recommendations, or just a friendly chat, I’m always here to lend an ear and offer my perspective.